It hasn’t been long since I returned from my weekend in Copenhagen which in summary was wonderful but very, very cold! Although, one advantage of the Scandinavian weather is that I feel I have now mastered the talent of layering. (A Copenhagen look-book will be coming later!)

For almost all the time we were in Copenhagen we relied on our copenhagen card which you pay upfront for and then it allows you to use any of the underground services and other Copenhagen metropolitan trains for free as well providing free entry to a huge range of museums, galleries and other attractions within and around Copenhagen. As one thing I noticed was the entry prices to some of these places were more expensive than I’m used to – coming from an English person who is used to her museums being free! 

Things to see and do:

The Louisiana Modern Art Museum is 30 minutes outside of Copenhagen, accessible by train from the centre of Copenhagen. The Louisiana had a huge range of art, in many different mediums, from Danish contemporaries to Warhol and Picasso. The layout of the galleries – the epitome of Scandinavian minimalism – complemented the pieces perfectly.


Central Copenhagen had such a great vibe and just looked wonderful covered in a light coat of snow. I would recommend climbing the Rundetaarn (also known as the No-Step Tower) for the best views of Copenhagen from above.


Ny Carlsberg Glypotekt was probably my favourite place that we visited whilst we were in Copenhagen. Its defining feature is the Winter Garden, a glass domed courtyard palm garden which was surrounded by marble statues including Rodin’s Kiss


Of course, we couldn’t leave Copenhagen without seeing Nyhavn and visiting the Little Mermaid.


Food & Drink

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to eat out a lot while I was in Copenhagen since I was on a budget. Our Airbnb had a kitchen and was near a local supermarket so we decided to cook for ourselves in the evenings. We did however spend a lot of time in cafes in Copenhagen – a warning about coffee in Denmark, as great as it is, the average price of a latte was £5-6!

Copenhagen is the perfect city for a weekend trip – its size makes it very easily walk-able with something to do that will suit everyone’s taste. And although I feel that I got to know the city well while I was there, it is definitely a place I would return to and that goes for the rest of Denmark too.




P.S This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.