At the end of October I was lucky enough to go to Seoul, South Korea for ten days. Whilst planning my itinerary for this trip, I discovered that I would be able to catch the end of Seoul Fashion Week while I was there! Although I wasn’t able to actually see any shows, just getting to experience the atmosphere and having the opportunity to take shots of the amazing and varied street style around me was wonderful. The location of Seoul’s fashion week is just a phenomenal as the street style – Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a huge masterpiece of modern architecture by Zaha Hadid. The brutalist concrete just made the colours of the clothes pop.

My work in this post is a mixed of candid photos and more formal portrait style shots. This will probably end being a multiple part series given how many photos I took in just one day during fashion week.


Which was your favourite look?




Shot on a Canon 700D.