I know this is a bit late really for back to school, but I feel that I have just about settled down into my new schedule to find time to talk about my new purchases for the year. There is always something significant for me in buying new stationary for the upcoming school year – for one it makes me excited to get back into the routine of school and excited to use all my new purchases. What drew me to these pieces in particular was their minimalist aesthetic yet at the same time being very practical. The Andante Diary is my favourite of the lot. I just love the photos that are scattered throughout, I find them very calm and aesthetically pleasing to look at as I plan. The pens that I bought are very similar to Zebra Mildliners for those of you who know of those. But I think the best thing about buying this stationary was the post-it on the planner – it was so adorable. Thanks to The Fox and Star Stationary for brightening a girl’s day up.


how cute !!



Madeleine x

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in anyway.*